Shaun Catchpole

Shaun Catchpole

I joined Chilled in February 2014 and I can happily say it was the best decision I could have made, With the company I was with previously I received nowhere near as much help and support as I do with Chilled, within the first week of being with them, I was fully booked and earning a good wage.

Alan is a very supportive Director, who will always be at the end of the phone whenever needed and whatever problem you have, but at the same time gives you the freedom to still be your own boss. We have meetings every couple of months which allows us to put our opinions and input into the business and also interact with the other instructors. Even though I have been with Chilled for less than a year I already feel part of the family and everyone gets along really well.

By becoming part of the Chilled team you will get the opportunity to constantly improve as an instructor with the help from both Alan and the other instructors. Another bonus from working with Chilled is the excellent branding of the company. The standard of the advertising and cars used for the business are second to none and only help even more to gain more business for myself and the company as a whole.

Chilled has grown as a company even in the short while I have been a franchisee and I can only predict even better and bigger things for the future.