Charles Bailey

Charles Bailey

Joining Chilled for me was a very good decision, it has meant I can get stuck right into the job as they provided me with a full diary as soon as I started working with the franchise. Prior to joining Alan was happy to meet me and discuss the franchise in detail, answering any questions I had.

At the time I had only recently passed my driving instructor qualification exams, so the great the amount of support I received was fantastic. It really feels that any time I have a question there is someone else I can talk to who can help solve the problem with me, whether that person is Alan, the managing director, or one of the other driving instructors working for the for the franchise. Everybody is so friendly and helpful!

Having looked into a few of the other franchise packages out there, Chilled seemed like an obvious choice. Every promise Chilled made to me prior to joining has been lived up to and the price is significantly lower than rival franchises for what they offer. The main aspect for me being new to the industry was knowing that I would have a reliable support network for any issues that I may encounter and Chilled really feels like a close friendly brand that is happy to help!

Every student provided to me via Chilled has been a delight, they are all incredibly diverse and you seem to get a whole range of age groups, sexes and backgrounds from the students.

Being new to the industry I can only recommend that people currently learning to be driving instructors seriously consider Chilled as the franchise for them. Being provided a large amount of students is fantastic and means you can focus on being a driving instructor and work as few or as many hours as you want to, very quickly. Additionally all the instructors who work with Chilled are so friendly you feel like that not only do you have support from Alan and the franchise, but that you could also speak to one of the other instructors and get the help you need from them.