Terms & Conditions

*Strictly ONLY 1 introductory offer per pupil no matter the type of offer used

To qualify for block book prices, driving lessons payment MUST be received in advance.

Block Booking allows you to reserve your lessons in advance. Single paying students may have to wait longer between lessons.  

Groupons can ONLY be used for complete beginners and ONLY for lessons from 9am finishing no later than 4pm.  If its felt that the pupil has had previous driving experience from another driving instructor/school, the lessons will be cancelled and you will NOT be entitled to any form of refund.  The Groupon cannot be used for anything other than beginners lessons.

All Students must pre-pay at least one lesson in advance by no later than the second lesson and always ensure that this system is maintained, no advance payment will result in no lessons being booked. Payments can be made to your instructor by cash or bank transfer, if you wish to use an alternative payment method please discuss this with your instructor.

Block booking discounts are only available if the full block booking hours are completed. In the event of you leaving the school without completing the full block booking any hours completed will be charged at the same hourly rate as the pay as you go rate advertised on the website at the time of request. (eg you paid the intro lesson rate of 10 hours for £230, five hours completed and you wish for a refund of the outstanding hours. You will be charged £29 X 5 = £145, plus the non refundable deposit fee of £30 leaving a refund of £55 based on prices at time of print, these are subject to change at anytime with no notice). This is not applicable for pupils who pass their test with the school but dont use all their hours. They will receive the unused hours back at the rate they paid.

Once a block book/gift voucher payment has been made it becomes non refundable unless after completing your course and passing your test you have a balance left whereby your instructor will then refund you any monies left.

Unless 24 hours notice is given, lesson cancellation will be charged at the NORMAL, hourly lesson rate NOT promotional rates. ALL non attendance WILL be charged at £75. Charges subject to instructors decision and reason for cancellation.

Driving tests for pupils take priority over lessons so in the event that at short notice a test is moved into an instructors diary or moved by the DVSA the instructor may be required to reschedule your lesson to accomdate this and necessary lessons for that pupil. This will be done as efficiently as possible with minimal wait for the next lesson and may work for your benefit at some point too.

All students are required to take a Mock Test at least five working days prior to their practical test with another Chilled instructor as decided by the school. A 48 hour cancellation policy applies to Mock tests or full charge will be made.

We have the right to withdraw the tuition car for the day of your driving test/ask you to move the date, if in the examining instructors opinion you are not deemed to be to the required test standard.

Chilled cannot be held responsible for lesson cancellation due to mechanical breakdown or sickness, but will endeavour to cover the lesson via another Chilled instructor or re-book it as a priority.

Chilled cannot be held responsible for the DVSA cancelling or moving your test date. In the event of this happening on the day having attended the test centre you will only be charged £30 to cover costs, NOT the full test day fee. This fee is recoverable from the DVSA in the event of the cancellation being due to examiner absence NOT inclement weather. If we know well enough in advance that the instructor does not attend your test day lesson NO FEE will be charged for this. The test day fee will then be applicable on your new test date.

Chilled Instructors abide by an equal opportunity policy and will not discriminate against Race, Colour, Creed, Gender, Age or Sexual Orientation.

Chilled Driving Tuition cannot be held responsible for any monies paid to the instructor, as this contract is between you the pupil and them.

Chilled instructors will provide you with a clean, dual controlled car in a tidy and roadworthy condition and present themselves in a professional manner and in the uniform specified by the school.

We operate a strict no smoking policy in the vehicles.

Failure to declare any pending criminal or driving convictions or medical history on the first lesson that ultimately results in you unable to continue lessons will result in NO refund of lesson fees.