Tara Read ADI

Intensive Instructor

Cars: Audi A3 - 1.5 litre Petrol, Black Edition

I have worked in retail since I left school and I progressed all the way up to a management role. I learnt a variety of skills throughout my progression and a huge proportion of my job role was coaching and developing people. I really enjoyed this side of my job, however I knew that retail wasn’t the career that I wanted to follow.

I have always wanted to become a driving instructor but never had the confidence to take the leap. The team at Chilled answered all of my questions, encouraged me to follow my aspirations and they offered an unbelievable amount of support. I love that they are local and my support network is right on my doorstep. I enjoy meeting new people and want to develop peoples driving skills whilst making driving enjoyable for them too.

Working with Chilled since 2019.

“Amazing service!”
“Best driving tuition going”
We are ranked 1st in the UK on FreeIndex