Steven Edwards ADI

Manual Instructor

Cars: Audi A1 - 1.0 Litre Petrol

I’d previously got a taste for teaching customers onboard boats and from that I developed a passion for helping others learn new skills. Coming from a varied background of jobs, I decided to take the plunge into training to become a Driving Instructor with Chilled. I met Shaun in the short ease of lockdown back around October 2020, where we sat and discussed the opportunities that Chilled have to offer. All my queries and concerns were addressed and eventually, after a long lockdown, in April 2021 I had my first lesson. It’s been a real eye opener to the various challenges presented to an instructor but a thoroughly rewarding insight as well. Both Shaun and Alan have been excellent to talk to throughout my training and have been available when required to answer any questions. Shaun’s knowledge and ability to throw varied driving situations at you while on the move will undoubtedly get anyone well prepared for instructing. – It’s been worth the wait to get started and I would absolutely recommend Chilled if you are thinking of a new career as a Driving Instructor.

“Amazing service!”
“Best driving tuition going”
We are ranked 1st in the UK on FreeIndex