Jack O Connell

Jack O'Connell

Having worked in retail for the last 12 years I decided to make a career change that would be more family friendly.  Having known Alan and Lisa both professionally and personally for the last 12 years I knew I could trust what they were saying to me about joining the Chilled Family.  

Alan took me under his wing and welcomed me, as I knew he would, 12 years of friendship or not. The process of training to be a driving instructor isn't an easy one, but Alan is always there to support you. Once qualified I was given a full diary of pupils, as promised. And when you have a pupil pass there is always a new pupil waiting to start lessons.  

We have regular meetings every two months, where the whole Chilled Family get together for a catch up and have a chance to see how the business is growing. Alan prompts a culture where we all work together and have a voice in the way the company expands and continues to developed.