Robert Groves

Manual Instructor

Cars: NEW SHAPE Audi A1 - 1.0 Litre Petrol S-Line

Before starting my career with Chilled I was working in a workshop in Ludham as a sheet metal worker for a heating and ventilation company. I had been doing this job for 11 years and just really wanted a change as I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere there. I chose to become a driving instructor because I’ve always enjoyed driving so thought I’d love to teach other people to drive. I don’t think there’s a better achievement when you teach a complete novice driver with no confidence to getting them test ready and for them to pass their test.

I take pride in being able to help people become independent drivers as it allows for people to move forward in their careers, hobbies and social life. I want to help people unlock the freedom associated with driving. After completing my training I cannot praise the whole team enough for the support I received.

I am a chilled (hence why I joined Chilled Driving Tuition) and patient instructor. I’m enjoying teaching all different types of students from the newly turned 17 year old, to the more experienced driver who wants to improve their skills. I enjoy my new job and working for a great company with great people.

Working with Chilled since 2017.

“Amazing service!”
“Best driving tuition going”
We are ranked 1st in the UK on FreeIndex