Andy Nunns

Andy Nunns

When the time came for a career change becoming a driving instructor was my first choice. After doing my research into local driving schools to do the required training there was only one obvious choice and that was Chilled Driving Tuition. From my first meeting with Alan I knew I had made the correct choice. The help and support I received was as I expected, professional and well planned. I was given all the information and training I required to pass all three parts of the qualifying process. I was then able to join Chilled as an instructor, and this has been without doubt the best decision I have made. I would recommend Chilled to anyone who is thinking of becoming a driving instructor, you won’t regret it.. 

Robert Groves graduate

Robert Groves

I trained with the Chilled Driving Instructor Academy and loved every minute of it. I had some great support from the fellow Chilled instructors. The Chilled team make you feel very welcomed and I would recommend Chilled - it's a great company to work for.

Luke Gunning graduate

Luke Gunning
Intensively INSTRUCTOR

I started with Chilled in 2017 after working for an events company for 13 years. I have always been passionate about driving and have always looked at it as one of my strong points. Over the last few years I had toyed with the idea of becoming an ADI, then last year I decided to go for it. I felt that if I could pass on my skills and knowledge of driving to the upcoming generation of drivers it would be greatly rewarding, and hopefully contribute to making the roads of the UK a safer place for the future. I decided to do my instructor training through Chilled after a recommendation from a friend, after doing some research and reading reviews about the school it was quite clear to me that this was the Academy program I was after. My entire training took roughly 8 months from start to finish and once I had passed I've never looked back. I absolutely love my new career and can no longer imagine me doing anything else. 

Dean Miller

I joined the company through the Academy programme and since then the team has been nothing but helpful, It's great to be part of a team that have always got your back. I highly recommend the Academy to anybody that's looking for a change of career with flexibility and freedom!

Luke Oakley

From the outset of choosing a driving school to train with I felt that Chilled could deliver everything I needed to be the driving instructor I am today. From the very beginning Alan supported me and guided me to every level I needed to be at. I have to thank Andy for being a huge help for my Part 2 ADI Training, and also thank Charles and Alan on my Part 3 ADI training. Their expertise was second to none which goes to show that the Chilled Academy sets the standard of ADI training.

Jack O'Connell

Having come up through the ranks of the Chilled Academy, I can't thank them enough for everything they have done for me. Helping me along my way to be a fully qualified driving instructor. If you're looking for a change of career I can strongly recommend Chilled Driving Tuition.

Dan Smithson graduate

Dan Smithson

When I joined the Chilled academy I was made to feel very welcome and was supported every step of the way. I felt very much outside of my comfort zone when I started, but with the help and commitment I received from my instructor, Charles Bailey, I was able to settle into the role. Charles was very patient and extremely helpful and gave me the confidence and skills required to teach others. It wasn't an easy journey for me, but with the help and support I received from Charles, Alan and the rest of the team I was able to achieve what was necessary to become an instructor. I cannot thank everyone involved enough, and the support from everyone still continues today.

Stewart Todd

I've always driven for a living. Driving is one of my main passions in life and gives me freedom and a very relaxing feeling. So when it was suggested to me by Alan that I take my skills and love of driving into teaching others so they could experience the enjoyment of driving, I jumped at the chance and have never looked back! Learning to teach with the Chilled Academy ADI's was an eye opener into how much more I could learn. I really enjoyed my lessons and benefited greatly from their experience. The day I passed put a massive smile on my face and made all the hard work worth every minute!