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Faye Humphreys

Faye Humphreys 
Automatically Instructor
Car: Audi A1 1.4 litre petrol S-Line
Postcodes covered: NR1, NR2, NR3, NR4, NR5, NR9, NR17, NR18, NR19, NR20

Former job hopper! From washing dishes in a kitchen, roller skating rink steward, hotel room cleaning, To . . .Driving Instructor! If someone told me back then, one day you are going to be a driving instructor, I would have laughed at them! I am mum to one beautiful daughter - she was my game changer! I wanted to be able to provide for her to my best ability and for her to look up to me. I always had a love for driving and it was something I felt I was good at. All the hard work and determination to become a driving instructor paid off. This is the first job/career I can say that I LOVE to do. Meeting different people from different backgrounds is so interesting, I also end up learning something new at the end of each lesson. Best bit about my job is seeing my pupils reactions when they pass their driving test, it's such a pleasure to be able to see them progress and being able to support them on their journey to getting their licence.

I couldn't have done this without Chilled! So supportive and encouraging. All the team are there for you when you need them. Like one big Chilled family! And in my opinion the best driving school!

Working with Chilled since 2017.